Dear Visitor,

thank you for your interest in our services. FRIGOSPRINT provides refrigerated as well as tempered transportation services in the EU. Our vans (3.5 tons gross vehicle weight) are strategically located all across Germany, which is your advantage concerning dispatch and flexibility! Futhermore, this concept will guarantee you the best price-performance ratio.

Scale of benefits:

  • 24 h service
  • express transportation of refrigerated food/goods (-25°C) according EU standard up to 1 ton/van
  • express transportation of fresh food/goods (+2°C) up to 1 ton/van
  • tempered consignments over all common temperatures up to 25°C 
  • individual tempered transports according your specifications, for example +22°C 
  • data recording of the temperature conditions of the goods inkl. print-out
  • new vehicles including all necessary service terms
  • transfers to GB via EUROTUNNEL to provide you the fastest connections
  • loading capacity of 1 ton or 5 EU pallet per van

Due to the goods traffic conditions of transporter consignments, we are able to drive even on sundays and we are not affected to the German toll-system. This at average speed of 120 km/h

Our consignments achieve the highest assurence level for your goods. All transporters are supported by navigation systems.

Please call the mentioned below hotline for any kind of inquiries, questions.



Wolfgang Welscher

Im Ziegelwinkel 39

96317 Kronach - GERMANY

St-Nr. 228/286/81471 finance office of Kronach

24h Hotline: +49/160/9468 1598

Fax: +49/9261/530062